New Cub Scout Program Launching June 1st!

Post date: Feb 23, 2015 6:04:50 AM

Now that your scout has completed his rank advancement, you may be tempted to go down to the scout shop and start perusing next year’s handbook. Don’t do it! Current Cub Scout handbooks will be obsolete on May 31st.

An updated Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout program is launching June 1, 2015. It promises to be more fun and exciting for our boys, and easier to implement for den leaders! New, updated handbooks will be available then and will be used for the next scouting year (Note: Next year’s Webelos 2’s are exempt and will continue using their current handbooks).

The all-new program focuses on five desired outcomes: Character, Citizenship, Fitness + Leadership, and Outdoors. The program is designed around an adventure-based theme that is rigorous, but fun. The program is also den-based with opportunities for family involvement.

Click here for information on the BSA’s new, updated Cub Scout program.

For even more detailed information, click here.

Looking forward to seeing these changes bring even more enthusiasm and growth to our scouts!