Korean Community Outreach

Post date: May 18, 2016 3:24:40 PM

Recently, Mr. Tae Chun, a volunteer for Korean Community Outreach from our Los Amigos District - Orange County Council - Boy Scouts of America, visited the Korea Daily News accompanied by the Los Amigos District Key 3 to promote the Boy Scout program and bring attention to the Korean community.

Mr. Tae Chun, who was a Boy Scout during his youth in South Korea, joined the scout program in 2002 with his son who earned the Eagle Scout rank at Troop 93 in Fullerton. Tae has been serving as a volunteer for Community Outreach and is an Assistant District Commissioner as the Korean Community Interface with the Los Amigos District. 


Tae said that the Boy Scout program is still the best program for youth activities. Through the activities, Boy Scouts has numerous opportunities to build youth leadership and achieve many skills for their future and rest of their lives.