Helpful Camp Notes

Post date: Apr 7, 2015 1:06:15 AM

Gear: Please check your email for the camp flyer. If contains a check list for crucial camping gear for your convenience.

Shoes: Closed-toe shoes are required to participate in all of the IROEC activities.

Misc.items: If you have an E-Z Up, please considering bringing it. There little-to-no-tree cover or shade at our camp site. Also, please bring a dish-drying towel as we never seem to have to enough.

Gate code: Pls. check your email. Do NOT pay the Irvine Regional Park parking fee. Just let attendant know you are an IROEC camper and they will wave you through to enter this gate code into the parking lot keypad.

Camp sites: Prickly Pear and Toyon

As mentioned in the flyer, getting your gear from your car to the site is a bit of a trek- an uphill, quarter-mile walk. IROEC has one golf-cart-pulled trailer that it will employ to help campers and there are also small hand carts for campers to use. However, all of the campsites are full that weekend, so while those options are available, please be advised they may be time-consuming. You may want to bring your own carts or dollies.

Activities: As Elizabeth mentioned in a previous email, it is imperative that our scouts are at each activity ON TIME. All participants are required to listen to the safety talk given during the first 10 minutes of the activity. Also, please remember scouts & siblings will be moving with their parents from one activity to another, not with their dens. Please enjoy this time with your children and allow our den leaders to do the same by looking after your own children at all times.

Showers and water: There are bathrooms with showers and electrical outlets, however there is no hot water. Also, please bring your own water if you don’t want to drink from the (potable) tap.

That’s all, folks. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. See you at camp!